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Connecting all stakeholders in the global EV value chain, from early-stage companies to investors to governments and established automakers, to showcase the latest innovations in the rapidly changing ev automotive industry.

About #MENAEVS24

Welcome to MENA EV Show, the largest and most comprehensive electric vehicle (EV) event in the MENA region. Our event brings together the entire EV ecosystem, from leading manufacturers and suppliers to policymakers, investors, media, business leaders, and entrepreneurs from around the world.

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Exhibit at EV Show

Showcase your most recent EV vehicles, goods, and services, create leads, and do business at your booth to gain recognition from the key players in the sector.

the bmw i8 is shown in front of a crowd of people
an electric scooter is shown in front of a crowd of people.

Learn the Latest Trends in EV

Participate in content-focused conference sessions, panel discussions, and Q&As to learn from more than 150 great business leaders who have had a significant effect on the global EV market.

Network with the EV Masters

To guarantee that our participants are able to extract the most value from networking with the important decision makers, we work to bring together a worldwide audience of CXOs, VPs, Directors, and other senior-level professionals.

electric scooter
Car Charger, Electric Charger

Experience the EV innovation

Discover the most recent advancements in electric vehicle technology, from automobiles and vans to scooters and motorbikes, from all around the world. The London EV Show 2023 provides a hands-on exhibition of EVs from top manufacturers with dedicated test drive circuits.

Benefits of Exhibiting

Connect with decision makers

Connect with decision-makers

Chance to demonstrate

Chance to demonstrate

Drive growth

Drive growth

Engage new customers

Engage new customers

Launch new product

Launch new products

Network with regional buyers

Network with regional buyers

New trade partnerships

New trade partnerships

New business opportunities

New business opportunities

Strengthen bond with existing customers

Strengthen bond with existing customers

Expand potential sales leads

Expand potential sales leads

Establish in regional markets

Establish in regional markets

Establish as a thought leader

Establish as a thought leader

Engage your target market

Engage your target market

Branding opportunities

Branding opportunities online/offline

Focused Sectors

Government Sectors

Public offices


Cyber Security

Energy & Utilities


Electric Cars

Charging Systems & Infrastructure


Global Supply Chain


Batteries & Battery Management System

Commercial Vehicles

SaaS Providers & Payment Solutions

Marine EVs & Systems

Fleet Management

Vehicle-To-Grid (V2G)

Components & Aftermarket

Consulting & Other Services

Financial Services & Investing

Autonomous Mobility Solutions

Highlights 2023 Edition

Play Video about Mena Ev Show Event Highlights

Day 1 Highlights

Play Video about Mena Ev Show Event Highlights

Day 2 Highlights

Advisory Member

Kivanc Karayol

Kivanc Karayol

Market Director & Sustainability Leader

Volvo Group
Noora Alawi Principle Advisor - Smart City Dubai Integrated Economic Zones Authority

Noora Alawi

Principle Advisor - Smart City

Dubai Integrated Economic Zones Authority
Barbara Cardili - Mena Ev Show

Barbara Cardilli


Ahmad Elbermbali

Ahmed Samir Elbermbali

Managing Director – Middle East

Charging Interface Initiative (CharIN).



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