Sponsors in 2023 Edition


Al-Futtaim Electric Mobility Company, the UAE’s inaugural dealership dedicated to electric mobility, is committed to democratizing the benefits of e-mobility. As a subsidiary of the renowned Al-Futtaim Group, which boasts a diverse business portfolio featuring over 200 brands and an outstanding reputation for delivering top-notch customer service, Al-Futtaim Electric Mobility Company upholds this legacy by collaborating with leading global brands. In addition, they offer a comprehensive selection of electric vehicle (EV solutions, ranging from charging stations to aftersales services. By choosing Al-Futtaim Electric Mobility Company as your trusted mobility partner, you can embrace the future of transportation & join the ever-growing community of electric vehicle enthusiasts in the UAE. Read more

Ward Wizard - MENA EV SHOW

Wardwizard Innovations & Mobility Ltd. is one of India’s leading auto manufacturing companies in the Electric Vehicle (EV) segment under the brand name Joy e-bike. Being the first listed entity on BSE in Electric Vehicle manufacturing, it is mainly focused on the growth potential in the Indian EV segment to have a positive impact in the future. Given the current state of the environment, where fuel-powered vehicles account for the vast bulk of carbon emissions, the company is promoting improvement by offering cleaner, greener options that produce no emissions. With more than 10 models in its portfolio in both high and low-speed categories, the Company has established a strong presence in more than 55 major cities across India through its 750+ dealer touchpoints and aspires to boost this number throughout the country. Read more


Established in 1972, the Al Masaood Power Division has a long standing reputation within the Diesel and Gas driven Power Generating industry worldwide. The Division has unrivalled expertise in Power Generation Systems and Industrial Diesel Engine applications, starting with a range of 94 KVA up to 3,390 KVA. It represents MTU (a Rolls-Royce Power Solutions Company), Volvo Penta and Leroy Somer exclusively in the UAE and Bahrain. Providing the highest standards of sales and aftersales service solutions.
Furthermore, the Group has established close alliances with key power industry leaders such as ADWEA, DEWA, FEWA, SEWA, and many more.
Al Masaood Power Division, part of the Al Masaood Group, one of Abu Dhabi’s leading business conglomerates, is set to mark a new chapter in its sustainability journey with the upcoming launch of SHAMS+ (SHAMSPLUS), its full-fledged charging solution for electric vehicles (EVs) and hybrid marine vessels. It is the first such innovative solution to be fully manufactured in the UAE. Read more

MP Warranties is the first and leading warranty company in UAE with 5-star reputed authorized repair centers for Electrical vehicles.
MP Warranties offers a wide range of vehicle warranty policy plans, and they are set up to be very flexible. We ensure peace of mind for Electrical car owners. Best-in-class EV car warranty and repair services in the UAE.
MP Warranties based in the UAE, was founded by an experienced management team with over 30 years of experience in the provision of warranty service plans, added-value financial products, and first-class administration services. At this time of need, we are the ones that will protect the car. MP Warranties gets the vehicle in the workshop and covers all repair expenses, which puts the vehicle quickly and safely back on the road.
We make it easy for our customers to customize a plan that fits their needs perfectly. Read more

Bridgestone in Europe, Middle East, India, and Africa (Bridgestone EMIA) is the regional Strategic Business Unit of Bridgestone Corporation, a global leader in tyres and sustainable mobility solutions.
Headquartered in Zaventem (Belgium), Bridgestone EMIA employs more than 20,000 people and conducts business in 40 countries across the region.
Bridgestone offers a diverse portfolio of premium tyres, tyre technologies and advanced mobility solutions. The company’s vision is to provide social and customer value as a sustainable solutions company. The Bridgestone E8 Commitment is a broad, global corporate commitment that clearly defines the value the company is promising to deliver to society, our customers and future generations in eight focus areas: Energy, Ecology, Efficiency, Extension, Economy, Emotion, Ease and Empowerment. These provide a compass to guide strategic priorities, decision making and actions throughout every area of the business. Read more


Established in Delaware, USA, with a pivotal regional presence in Dubai, RAILBUS Inc. is a beacon in sustainable transportation innovation. Specializing in the creation of the RAILBUS system and vehicles, we aim to redefine low-cost public transport by offering efficient, user-centric solutions. More than just a hybrid of traditional trains and buses, our vehicles are electrical, harnessing the clean power of solar energy to minimize carbon footprints. This commitment to sustainability is not just about eco-friendliness; it’s about delivering optimal performance without compromising on passenger comfort. As the global community leans towards renewable energy sources, RAILBUS steadfastly champions the cause, crafting a future where public transportation resonates with our collective environmental aspirations. Join our mission to propel the world towards a sustainable transportation era. Read more

Electrodrive Powertrain Solutions Pvt. Ltd., or Electra EV, is India’s leading electric vehicles powertrain solutions company, focused on accelerating the future of electric mobility in India. The company offers relevant and affordable EV powertrain solutions, systems, and services to support OEMs, orchestrators, and tier-1 suppliers. Electra EV also works with global electric mobility providers to enable optimized EV powertrain solutions for Asian markets. In true pioneering spirit, Electra EV was born as a pathbreaking experiment to find a solution in India for electrifying the iconic Tata Nano. The company initially experimented with the 48V system. It very soon moved on to the 72V system – for its customer Tata Motors – creating the powertrain for the Tata Tigor EV. As a result, in FY20, 25% of the electric vehicles sold in India had an Electra EV powertrain inside them. Read more

As a key high-tech enterprise established in 1997 in China, Sungrow Power Supply Co., Ltd. (Stock code: 300274) specializes in R&D, production, sales and services of new energy equipment, such as solar energy, wind energy, energy storage, hydrogen energy, electric vehicles, mainly provides photovoltaic inverters, wind energy converters, energy storage system, floating PV system, new energy automotive driving system, EV charging station, renewable hydrogen production system, smart operation and maintenance, and commits itself to providing first-class life cycle solutions of clean energy.
Sungrow EV Charging solutions are based on Sungrow 26 years of the experience in power electronics and the design and application of new energy equipment to develop and manufacture leading-edge electric vehicle charging equipment, combines Sungrow Photovoltaic system and Energy Storage System to provide an integrated PV+ESS+Charger intelligent solution for charging stations, forming a closed loop of green energy and allowing electric vehicles to use renewable energy. Sungrow EV Charging products are designed to meet the demand for efficient, stable, and safe charging in order to create more benefit and more revenue for clients. Read more

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