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The MENA EV Show’s conference program offers attendees the opportunity to gain invaluable insights from policymakers and industry leaders in the electric vehicle industry. The program is designed to facilitate peer-to-peer discussions on industry trends and opportunities and provide a platform for presenting ideas to the most-relevant audience on a global stage.

Attendees will have the opportunity to join panel discussions, Q&As, investment sessions, and pitch programs where they can engage in informative conversations with industry experts and share their perspectives on the latest trends and developments in the electric vehicle industry.

The conference program features a diverse range of topics in the electric vehicle industry, including battery management for electric vehicle, eVTOL, charging infrastructure, fleet electrification, and more. Engaging sessions are delivered by influential speakers from ministries, associations, EV manufacturers, charging infrastructure companies, EV station providers, battery management systems, fleet management companies, and other key players. This comprehensive lineup ensures attendees gain valuable insights into the latest developments and trends shaping the electric vehicle industry

Overall, the conference program provides a unique opportunity for attendees to gain insights from industry leaders, engage in peer-to-peer discussions, present their ideas to a global audience, and participate in panel discussions, Q&As, and investment sessions. Attendees can expect to leave with a better understanding of the latest trends and opportunities in the electric vehicle industry and with new connections and ideas to help drive their business forward.

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